FAQ for Candidates

Connect platform is unique recruitment platform for temporary projects. Once you create a profile, only job opportunities matching your demographic, experience and salary expectations will appear to you job page.

Registration is very simple, in 4 easy steps enter your details and go live. During registration you shall provide your personal details, upload photo of yourself, add your experience and salary expectations.

Please think about minimum salary you will accept to work for, this will be matching criteria for you to receive job notifications.

Example, if your minimum daily salary is 200AED you will not receive the posts offering 150AED


Whenever there is a new job available that matches your profile you will receive notification where you can review the job details at job page and apply for the job


In order to be deployed for any temporary job in the country you are applying to you should have valid documents such as Passport and residence and ID. This data will be used only for purposes of validation of work in the country you are applying at.


All jobs available will appear in jobs page in the app. You can review and apply for any job you want to.


Yes. You may apply for multiple jobs at the same time. However, once selected, you will not be able to apply for job posts on same days as you have been selected for.

Once your profile has been reviewed, employer can invite you for interview in person or over platform via call or video. In 2 business days after the interview is over you will receive the feedback.

You will submit all proof of execution via app, and we will notify you once payment is ready to be collected. This will not take longer than 10 days.

Standard proof of execution is your timely daily attendance and sales report if any. In case any other proof of execution is needed, details will be provided to you before the project starts by the employer.

At any time you can contact your supervisor using the app or click on support page and our admin team will get in touch with you.


Any unapproved absence of work will be unpaid. In case you should leave the project mid-way with valid reason, kindly make sure your employer arranged replacement and that your early dismissal is approved. In case you decide to leave without proper approval, no salary will be paid.

You will receive job posts based on your profile and one of matching criteria is previous experience in industries. You should fill as many temp jobs you worked with employers details to receive maximum job notifications.